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Why Cardinal SIMS
Whether your school is new or has been in operation for a while, maximizing time, improving efficiency and making a desirable level of profit is key to growth and sustenance of your school business. However, it is easy for workers to get stuck in routine jobs for hours and for profits to get lost in between many sheets of paper records.

Cardinal SIMS helps to save time on routine work, process data entries and provide school managers and administrators with relevant data to monitor academic, financial and population performance.
Improved record keeping
Cardinal SIMS has helped to improve transparency and accountability in financial record keeping of many schools.

School owners and managers using Cardinal SIMS no longer have to bear evasive paper transactions or error prone manual computations anymore
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Performance monitoring
Keeping records of students' academic results is not enough to drive improvement and commitment to excellence in a school. Cardinal SIMS makes the process of result collation, report sheet generation and performance analysis stress free and instant.

Tracking and timely intervention on individual and general student's performance is one great benefit of Cardinal SIMS for driving academic productivity in your school.
Drive Operational Efficiencies
Better insight for school managers
For school managers to manage their schools effectively and profitably, they need to know what is working and what is not working in the school.

Cardinal SIMS give a clear summary of school finance, population and academic performance of the school for better planning, strategic decision making and growth.
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Cardinal SIMS Features
Our pricing is structured in a way that allows all clients irrespective of size to have access to the full benefit of Cardinal SIMS. You have the choice of buying off our product or using it on rental basis. You can always upgrade your data entry size for a token as you grow.
Cardinal SIMS makes it possible to keep, archive and retrieve with accuracy all relevant information about your students without running a risk of whatsoever could happen to paper documentation at any time.
Bye to school bill mix ups! Parents who pay their bills in irregular instalments no longer have to argue about what their payment balances should be. Cardinal SIMS makes it possible to view their financial statement and Children’s academic progress online.
Schools mangers no longer have to run the school finance based on bank balance. They can now have their school’s cash-flow analysis anytime, anywhere and make better financial decisions.
Workforce payment, loan administration, payslips and bank payment advice generation and tax management is so easy and less time consuming when managed using Cardinal SIMS.
Block profit leakages through accurate report on stock movement and get an accurate basis for stock reconciliation.
Schools can keep proper and life- long documentation of staff records, achievement and other important details for reference when required